Web Update Pricing


Data Cleaning, Data Hygiene or a Scrub


Upload your file                                                $0.09 per record

Identify disconnected phones                    $0.03 per phone

Identify Deceased                                           $0.02 per record              

Address Standardization (CASS)                 $0.0025 per record = $2.50 per M (thousand)

National Change of Address* (NCOA)      $0.0025 per record = $2.50 per M

Private Change of Address (PCOA)            $0.0025 per record = $2.50 per M

De-dupe                                                              $0.0025 per record = $2.50 per M

Identify Nursing Home Address                 $0.0025 per record = $2.50 per M

 Identify Prison Addresses                            $0.0025 per record = $2.50 per M

Organize & Merge data into one file        $0.0025 per record = $2.50 per M            

Scrub against all Do Not Calls                      $0.008 Per record or $8.00 per M

Correct inconsistent or mixed fields         $50./ hour

Prepare reports                                                $50./ hour          

Return both original and cleaned file       No Cost


Data Enhancement; Add Elements to Increase Value  


Add a phone to an address                          $0.10 per record

Add an address to a phone number         $0.10 per record

Add an address to a VIN                                $0.10 per record (higher for small runs)

Add a VIN to an Address                               $0.10 per record (higher for small runs)

Add an email to an address                         $0.12 per record


Data Enhancement; Add Demographics


Add demographic overlays including age, income, networth, family composition, dwelling type, length of residence and many others; inquire.           

*This quotes a 48 Month NCOA which is recommended.