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Today most companies work with multiple marketing channels which creates problems in how the data is organized. There may be multiple file layouts or some sources missing addressing information. Some information volunteered by prospects may not be accurate or complete.

Sales reps often add notes in fields that are not designated for notes, such as adding nick names to the first name field or fitting extraneous data into the record where it causes problems such as “Wife Denise is a Bitch” in the Address 2 field which will be printed on the mail piece. (Yes, it happens.)

Different data sources may organize the data differently than others, such as putting the last name field first which causes a problem when it goes into another file where the first name field is first. Or putting the middle initial in either the first or last name fields, having a mix of address lines a mix of zip codes or missing zip codes, etc.

Phone dialers want the phone number as just 10 numbers, without spaces or extraneous data. Thus (802) 684-1179 is a phone number but it needs to look like 8026841179 to be useable. The extra data and the space between the area code and number causes problems with the dialer.

Forbes reported that Gartner, Inc. is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company estimates that between $9,000,000 to over $14,000,000 are lost each year due to bad data. Reduce your losses due to bad data and increase your bottom line.

Is Dirty Data losing you money?

Why clean data is important to you and your company:

  • Mailing to people who have moved or died is a major waste of resources.
  • Calling bad numbers not only wastes time but deflates your sales team; “kills the room.”
  • Making marketing decisions on inaccurate data results in reaching wrong conclusions.
  • Data errors mean less profit and make you less competitive.
  • Save money by utilizing older data that is now updated and accurate.

schedule a free test

Most services are eligible for a 500 or 1000 name test, depending on what services are needed. 

You get all reports and the cleaned file back, along with your original. You can review the results and discuss with us any additional services. For example, in deceased name processing you will get your file returned with any deceased flagged, or you can have us sort the data and separate out the deceased into a different file or tab in your worksheet.

A free test allows both of us to see if the returned job meets your expectations or if additional steps need to be taken.



Our Most Common

Data Cleaning / Data Enhancement Processes:

1. Find and remove disconnected phone numbers using live TelCo data.

2. Find and remove deceased.

3. Remove duplicates in your list

4. Repair variable length data fields so the name, address, city, state and zip are all in the same fields.

5. Correct parsing errors of first and last name.

6. “Eyeballing” data to look for issues.

7. Providing actionable reports of your good and bad data.

8. Use a name and address to add demographic information such as age, estimated income, type of dwelling unit, family composition and many others.

Additional Services

Scrub your data against all Do Not Call lists.

Scrub against the DMA’s Mail Preference Service; MPS.

Check the address for correct formatting to comply with the USPS “Address Standardization.”

Update the list through NCOA (USPS National Change of Address)

Update the list through PCOA (Private Change of Address)

Use a phone number to add a mailing address.

Use a name and mailing address to add a phone number; cell or landline

Use an email address to add a name and mailing address connected to it

Use a VIN number to add a name and a mailing address.

Use an IP address and add a name, address and email address

Correct mixed case into a consistent format.

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We do not rent or sell data but we have 20 years of experience working with it.

Get refunds from vendors for bad data using our reports and finished job output.

Fast turnarounds and no minimums.

Customizable solutions to solve your issues.

You get your original file and your cleaned file back.


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