Terms, Agreements


Below are highlights of a typical Master Services Agreement. Most of the data in an agreement is required by our marketing partners. Agreements will vary depending on the type of data required with median credit scoring and phone numbers being the most sensitive data.

Basic Rules of the List Business

1. List owners do not guarantee that your promotion or offer will be successful. Based on the information you provide as to the demographics of your customers, I’ll research promising lists or prospects. I will usually suggest several lists so we can compare them against each other and test them. Minimum tests are usually for 5,000 records.

2. Unless agreed to ahead of time, a list is for a single use only, for the product or service that is cleared. You are not allowed to re-use the list, trade it, or otherwise gain additional use out of the information. A sample mailing piece, or your script is provided and that is what should be used.

3. Lists are seeded to detect any misuse. Invisible decoys are placed in the list so your usage can be monitored. Some list owners will have you sign an agreement which specifies damages.

4. You are responsible for the actions of your vendors. The data is considered to be of great value to the list owner and you are responsible for any misuse of their employees. Your vendors, such as a letter shop, must agree to protect the data as they would their own valuable information.

5. You must register with the FTC and obtain a SAN # to purchase data with phones. To register or obtain more information go to https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/

6. Even though all our providers scrub their list against the FTC Registry, it is done as a “value added service” and the end user’s responsibility to scrub the data. This is not our policy, but it is the way the law is written.

7. If Median Credit Scored information is provided, additional usage and confidentiality provisions apply.

Terms are prepayment by good company check or wire. Terms “due upon receipt” available for established accounts.