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We offer both B2C and B2B programs. Select leads based on area codes and exchanges instead of by states or SCFs. Both consumer and business files offer additional in-depth selects to drill down to your better prospects.

We work extensively with a limited number of key providers with proven lead programs for our clients. Now with these marketing partners, you can select consumers in target area codes with median credit score information to increase credit approval, or overlay income and single-family dwelling data to actual telephone company data. You can select companies by number of long distance lines, not just employee size, and you can overlay credit data to these records.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Programs. We currently have three favored sources:

1. The Median Credit Equivalency Score
We researched the various credit reporting agency’s programs and found Experian had the best data for our clients. The Fair Credit Reporting Act legally restricts individual credit information. In order to access this information your offer must be a pre-approved offer of credit for a certain amount or for a certain purpose and be in excess of $250.

What do you do if your offer doesn’t qualify? Use median credit data from Experian! The Median Credit Equivalency Score (MES) combines at least two households and provides an average or “median” score. The number of residences used to make a score vary depending on geography, but it consists of at least two households up to a neighborhood block of households or a zip+4 level.

How to Test Median Score Data
As a free service, we suggest blocking the data into score ranges and then testing multiple scores simultaneously with each range carrying a key code. This way you can analyze how each range converts into sales (and comes through credit) and then refine your subsequent orders.

Some companies like a range of scores for marketing purposes. They get a call center excited working a lower MES score lead and then, when the TSRs are “up” they start feeding in the higher MES leads which are typically harder to close scores. This way the call center goes into the tougher leads pumped up. The lower scored leads serve a useful purpose even if a higher percentage later fail credit.

The data is sent direct to you from Experian so you are sure of the source and the security of the data.

2. COBR Data
This is a file that is updated with a weekly electronic feed by all the regional bell telephone companies. They provide information regarding new service, changes in service, and other encrypted information. You can select new service, or go deeper into the file and use a “single family dwelling” select for stability combined with an income overlay to indicate a prosperity level. This data is also sent to you direct from the source.

3. “El Cheapo”
This source combines our business volume with several others to win large volume discounts for you. Minimum order size is 25,000. The actual source of the data is unknown, but any disconnected, or bad numbers are replaced 1 for 1 based on computer verification. Minimum order size is large and so is the annual commitment, but it’s hard to beat these prices. This data is sent to us and forwarded on to you.

For all sources you will be required to provide a SAN number and it must include the area codes you want to call. For more information on registering, please see our site

Business to Business (B2B) Programs

These leads are provided with or without contact names, depending on your needs. They can be provided by employee size, by SIC or other selects.

1. Credit Rated business can be provided from two different sources. One of these sources can also select by number of phone lines, with an additional 5-day turn-around. Volume discounts are provided.

2. COBR. This is a file that is updated weekly and can be turned around quickly. Select by number of lines so your product targets the right market.

3. El Cheapo. Unknown source but great volume discounts and a liberal replacement policy.

Please visit our contact page to request more information.