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Most list brokerage firms use a staff system. What this means is that you may talk with a list broker who knows what they are doing, but the research is actually done by their assistants. Assistants are often not well paid, not very experienced nor very intuitive and usually provide research that ignores the details that matter. This obviously has an effect on the lists that are recommended or your “Reco.”

At New England List Services, I do all the list research; I ask the tough questions like exactly how the name got on the file and I get into the details about the list; what the real source is and can we see it? I look into other sources of who has used the file, what success they have had and even what their offer was. I research what your competition does and where they are successful.

What this means to you is that your research is being done by somebody who has a vested interest in your success, not an assistant that is overworked and under paid.

We specialize in consumer lists that are survey-generated. The selection criteria are very flexible to help you target exactly whom you want to reach. (Yes, even “off the wall” stuff.) We also have a background in several verticals such as non-profits, financial offers, wine, current events, known credit or “FICO” data and “Trigger” data. We then use this model to base your list orders on.

For Business lists, we work with several list owners whose list hygiene is excellent. We can target response or compiled files depending on your offer.

For professionals, our research is so extensive that we can target physicians by speciality, further select them by teaching, or direct patient care and then select them by the types of meds they subscribe. Thus you can target doctors who are “high writers” of certain prescriptions with a competitive prescription offer or an office display to go in offices of doctors that service your type of clients.

Unless agreed to beforehand by all parties, lists are for a one-time use and subject to the clearance of a sample mailing piece. There are substantial penalities for any misuse and many companies require a List Rental Agreement. Results are not guaranteed by the list owner or New England List Services, Inc.

My experience is that when I know more about exactly who you want to reach, I can do a better job finding the files that have the most promise. Occasionally, a client will not experience as much success as they could have, because they choose to keep important demographic information to themselves. The relationships that are the most fruitful for everyone are those where we can share information about who your best customers are. I am open to reviewing your confidentiality agreement.

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