Direct Mail Demographics for Lists

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Who is your ideal client or customer? The better you can answer that the better we can help you get or generate the right sales lead.
Give some thought to:

1. Age. Is there a specific age or age range that is your core client or customer? Do you have an offer that needs to reach someone before or after they turn 65, for example? Or do they tend to fall into an age range. If so what is it?

2. Income. What we can do as individuals is influenced by income. How much income is too much for your offer or too little?

3. Net Worth. True wealth can be measured in several ways and net worth is one of them. A person with a high net worth often exhibits certain buying characteristics which can be targeted. High net worth is applied using a computer based model. These models vary in accuracy depending on how they are built or what sort of factors go into them.

4. Geography. Where do your prospective clients live? Are there states or regions you do not market to?

5. Behavior. What does the individual in your target market do? Do they read investment publications; if so, which ones? Do they donate to charities; if so, which ones? Collect fine art, or expensive shotguns or own a yacht, bass boat, or an exotic car? Do they own multiple houses, travel First Class or go on high end cruises. Do they buy expensive gifts for others such as kids or grandkids?

6. Ailments. Sometimes ailments in a family figure into a demographic. For example, the family of a child with hemophilia or epilepsy would tend to support that cause.

People tend to be multifaceted and it is easy to make wrong marketing assumptions because you only know part of the picture. Think about all the activities and interests your ideal client or customer has and make a note of it. That is who we target in our market research.

The more you know about your client the better market research we can do for you.