Credit Score Data

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Individual, known credit data can be selected many different ways to include the output of number of trade lines, total amount of open trade lines, number of mortgage trade lines, mortgage balance, length of residence, county, etc.

The cost of known individual data is expensive and the mailing piece must meet exacting standards to be approved. Expect a lengthy approval process with several revisions to your mailing piece. Clearing your sample for Median Credit Data is much easier.

We work with you to make changes to your mailing piece prior to submission to cut down on the number of re-writes needed. Any offer needs to be a firm offer of credit for a product with a cost of $250 or more with the interest rate and approval amount put in writing.

Both median and individual data will list a Beacon credit score and some brokers offer individual data but provide median data instead. If we get your offer approved for individual known credit data, we guarantee that is what you will get.

Median Credit Score Data.

Consumer Credit data falls into two categories; individual known credit data and median credit score data. This data is heavily regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and is offered by the major reporting agencies such as Trans Union, Experian and Equifax.

A Median Credit Score (MES) consists of an average of at least two households, up to a neighborhood block or zip+4 level and is selectable by credit ranges. The data can be combined with other selects if desired including a phone number and can be ordered by area code and exchange.

Median credit scores allow you to increase the numbers of consumers who come through the credit process successfully after the sale.

Contacts for suggestions on grouping median scores and testing segments against themselves. Call Dave Hare or e-mailĀ for more info. Volume discounts are available.

Credit score data is also available on business records from the biggest source of this data in the United States. Combine credit score information with other selects to hit your target market effectively.