About New England List Services

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New England List Services came into being in January of 2001. I combined the marketing and list research experience I had and decided it was time to create my own business. I bring a unique perspective to the list business. I’ve been a mailer, a list owner and a broker and I’ve sat on the edge of a chair and called a pile of leads.

Twenty years ago I left a troubled real estate management company to join a dynamic company as a Management Trainee. It wasn’t until I started that I found out it was a commission telemarketing job. I stuck with it and made it work; I called stacks of sales leads. After several months I took an opportunity with a new division and worked starting a card deck company. I brought in more revenue than anyone else because I concentrated my efforts on clients who I felt had a good offer for our markets. I wanted to get involved in list selection so our client’s offers stood a better chance of success. I did the list rentals on several million pieces of direct mail for a few years with various divisions of the company.

As a mailer, I know the risks in the business because I’ve had to explain why I spent money on a promising list that “bombed.” I learned how to ask more questions and insist on better deals and explore ways to save my company money. Each mailings consisted of about two dozen lists and I found ways to prioritize the merge and do lots of splits so I could get better reads on my tests.

As a list owner I tripled our company’s list income by better positioning the file, segmenting the data base so that it worked for more offers, and making speedy order fulfillment and clearances a priority.

“If the mailer doesn’t win, nobody wins.”

Now, as a list broker, I apply the knowledge I’ve learned as a mailer and list owner to find solutions that benefit everyone, especially the mailer.

What many companies fail to realize is the importance of the success of the mailer, the end user of the sales leads. If the mailer or the end user doesn’t win, nobody wins. It is the mailers who fuel this business and without their success everyone loses. So a lot of what I do is work to have list managers and list owners bend a little for the mailer and the long-term result is success of everyone involved.

Our clients usually mail or telemarket in excess of 1,000,000 names per year. However many of these companies started out with us as smaller entities and grew with our help. Most minimum order sizes are between 5,000 and 10,000 names. Most continuation orders are for 25,000 names or more to win discounts. We aggressively work to win our clients discounts and net names arrangements and have created a core group of our preferred providers. These are companies who, like us, understand the client has to win if everyone is to win.

If your product or service is a “win” for you and a “win” for your customers, I want to help you grow. If it’s just a win for you, I don’t. I look for win-win relationships and expect you to do the same.

I also believe that it is important to be involved with your family and your community. I serve, or have served, on several local boards and am an active volunteer in schools helping kids with history and music. I helped co-ordinate local efforts to help soldiers in Iraq with “care” packages with our local churches. I also help raise money for Civil War battlefield preservation.